5 Signs Your Dental Bridge Don’t Fit Properly

Embarking on a journey to better oral health? Wondering if your dental bridge fits just right?

Let’s explore! Did you know a well-fitted bridge boosts both function and aesthetics?

A dental bridge is a common and effective solution to replace missing teeth, restoring function and aesthetics.

Explore the symptoms of an ill-fitting dental bridge—dive into discomfort, pain, and chewing issues. This guide unveils solutions for a smoother oral health journey. Your smile deserves the best, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way!

Can A Well-Fitted Dental Bridge Improve Function And Aesthetics?

Absolutely! A precisely fitted dental bridge not only ensures comfortable biting and chewing but also enhances the overall aesthetics of your smile. Seamlessly blending with your natural teeth creates a harmonious and confident appearance. 

Regular dental check-ups are crucial to maintaining this balance, ensuring functional comfort and aesthetic benefits, and contributing to long-term oral health and a radiant, beautiful smile. 

1. Discomfort and Pain:

One of the earliest signs that your dental bridge may not fit properly is discomfort or pain. While some mild discomfort is initially expected, persistent pain, soreness, or irritation in the gum and surrounding areas could indicate an ill-fitting bridge. This discomfort may interfere with daily activities such as eating and speaking.

Experiencing dental discomfort or pain?

Seek relief by consulting a skilled dentist in Saskatoon. Addressing issues promptly ensures a healthier smile and minimizes the impact of dental discomfort on your well-being.

Dental Bridges discomfort or pain

2. Difficulty Chewing:

An adequately fitted dental bridge should seamlessly integrate with your natural bite, allowing for comfortable and efficient chewing. If you experience difficulties or discomfort while chewing, it could be a sign that the bridge is not aligned correctly. Misaligned bridges may cause uneven pressure on surrounding teeth, leading to further complications.

Difficulty Chewing

3. Gum Inflammation and Irritation:

Properly fitting dental bridges should not cause persistent gum inflammation or irritation. If you notice redness, swelling, or tenderness in the gum tissue around the bridge, it may signal that adjustments are needed. 

Poorly fitting bridges can create spaces where bacteria accumulate, contributing to gum issues and potential infections. The most common signs of a poorly fitting dental bridge include pain, discomfort, swelling, chewing issues, and changes in your bite.

Gum Inflammation and Irritation

4. Changes in Speech:

A well-fitted dental bridge should not impede your ability to speak clearly. If you notice changes in your speech, such as lisping or slurring, it could indicate that the bridge affects the natural movement of your tongue and lips. Addressing this issue promptly ensures optimal comfort and functionality.

Changes in Speech

5. Visible Gaps or Shifting:

Inspect your dental bridge regularly for any visible gaps or shifting. An ill-fitting bridge may not stay securely, leading to movement or dislodgment. If you observe changes in the positioning of your dental bridge, it is essential to consult your dentist promptly for an assessment.

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dental bridge regularly for any visible gaps or shifting

Possible Causes of an Ill-Fitting Dental Bridge

An ill-fitting dental bridge can result from these reasons:

  • Inaccurate impressions during installation. 
  • Flawed measurements affect the bridge fit. 
  • Changes in the jaw or surrounding teeth after installation. 
  • Material wears over time. Swift dental attention addresses these issues, ensuring enduring comfort and functionality. 

Trust your dentist to keep your smile shining with a well-fitted dental bridge for optimal oral health and confidence!

Smile Assurance with Hampton Village Dentistry

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Our goal is to optimize functionality, aesthetics, and comfort. If you experience discomfort, our professionals provide quick, practical treatments to keep your smile healthy and confident. 

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