Dental Implants for Saskatoon Communities

Frequently regarded as the “gold standard” of restorative dental medicine, dental implants are a versatile solution that can last nearly a lifetime, so long as patients practice good hygiene habits.

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Dental Implants in Saskatoon

So … What is an Implant?

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots. It is installed into your jawbone and then topped with a prosthetic to fill in the space and help improve the overall appearance of your smile. Every implant is made up of three pieces:

  1. Screw – Made from titanium, the implant screw will fuse with your bone over time to establish a solid foundation. This takes a few months to accomplish.
  2. Abutment – This piece attaches the screw to the prosthetic. It is also made from titanium.
  3. Prosthetic – The only visible portion, dental crowns are frequently used to cover the rest of the implant. They can also be substituted for bridges or dentures.

This treatment can aid patients who are looking to fix multiple issues that can manifest due to missing teeth, such as:

  • Trouble speaking clearly
  • Difficulty biting and chewing
  • Bone deterioration
  • Shifting teeth
  • Feeling self-conscious when smiling

Your dentist in Saskatoon will invite you in for a consultation so they can determine if you’re a good candidate for this procedure. To do so, they’ll evaluate your oral cavity, take a few x-rays, and talk to you about your preferences, needs, current hygiene practices, and your budget. If you are approved for this method but don’t have enough bone material, you may need to undergo a dental bone graft first.

What is the Treatment Like?

When you acquire dental implants in Saskatoon, you’ll need to attend 2 to 3 appointments to complete the treatment.

First, impressions are created of your smile and sent to a dental lab; a crown that meets your dimensions is created here over a couple of weeks. Your dentist will provide local anesthesia to keep you from feeling any pain and then install the implant screw and abutment with a drill. Once this is done, your mouth will need a few months to heal; during this time, the screw will fuse with your jaw.

During a second appointment, the prosthetic is placed over the exposed implant. Your dentist will check that it does not feel uncomfortable or interfere with your bite pattern. If needed, they may also ask you to return for a follow-up visit so they can ensure that everything is going smoothly.

Make sure that you allow yourself adequate time to recover after each appointment to avoid experiencing any adverse consequences. Get in touch with your dental team if any bleeding or swelling that occurs does not go away.

You may need to return for a follow-up appointment in a few days so your dentist can see that everything is still in order.

Ready to Restore Your Smile?

Are you ready to restore your smile and get back to enjoying all the little things in life, like your favorite snacks and laughing with your friends? We can help! Whether you’re interested in acquiring dental implants in Saskatoon or alternative treatments, give our team a call today! We’ll ensure you receive high-quality care and results that last.